Check Holidays API

Check Holidays API

Keep track of public and non-public holidays around the world. You can check what holidays are going to be celebrated in a vast list of supported countries.

API description

About the API:

This API retrieves a list of all public and non-public holidays that are celebrated in a specific country. Check for the current year, future years, and previous ones as well.  Supporting 195 countries worldwide. 


What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?


Just pass the country of your choice, select the year, and even the month and day that you want to check. 

You will receive the holiday's date, its name if it's public or not, and on which day of the week it will be celebrated. 


List of supported countries:

AD (Andorra)

AE (دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة)

AG (Antigua & Barbuda)

AI (Anguilla)

AL (Shqipëri)

AM (Հայաստան)

AO (Angola)

AR (Argentina)

AS (American Samoa)

AT (Österreich)

AU (Australia)

AW (Aruba)

AX (Landskapet Åland)

AZ (Azərbaycan Respublikası)

BA (Bosna i Hercegovina)

BB (Barbados)

BD (গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ)

BE (Belgique)

BF (Burkina Faso)

BG (България)

BH (مملكة البحرين)

BI (République du Burundi)

BJ (République du Bénin)

BL (St. Barthélemy)

BM (Bermuda)

BN (Negara Brunei Darussalam)

BO (Bolivia)

BQ (Caribisch Nederland)

BR (Brasil)

BS (Bahamas)

BW (Botswana)

BY (Рэспубліка Беларусь)

BZ (Belize)

CA (Canada)

CC (Cocos (Keeling) Islands)

CD (République démocratique du Congo)

CF (République centrafricaine)

CG (République du Congo)

CH (Schweiz)

CI (République de Côte d'Ivoire)

CK (Cook Islands)

CL (Chile)

CM (Cameroun)

CN (中华人民共和国)

CO (Colombia)

CR (Costa Rica)

CU (Cuba)

CV (República de Cabo Verde)

CW (Curaçao)

CX (Christmas Island)

CY (Κύπρος)

CZ (Česká republika)

DE (Deutschland)

DJ (République de Djibouti)

DK (Danmark)

DM (Dominica)

DO (República Dominicana)

DZ (الجمهورية الجزائرية الديمقراطية الشعبية)

EC (Ecuador)

EE (Eesti)

EG (جمهورية مصر العربية)

EH (الجمهورية العربية الصحراوية الديمقراطية)

ER (Eritrea)

ES (España)

ET (ኢትዮጵያ)

FI (Suomi)

FJ (Matanitu Tugalala o Viti)

FO (Føroyar)

FR (France)

GA (Gabon)

GB (United Kingdom)

GD (Grenada)

GE (საქართველო)

GF (Guyane)

GG (Guernsey)

GH (Ghana)

GI (Gibraltar)

GL (Kalaallit Nunaat)

GM (The Gambia)

GN (Guinée)

GP (Guadeloupe)

GQ (República de Guinea Ecuatorial)

GR (Ελλάδα)

GT (Guatemala)

GU (Guam)

GW (Guiné-Bissau)

GY (Guyana)

HK (香港)

HN (Honduras)

HR (Hrvatska)

HT (Haïti)

HU (Magyarország)

IC (Islas Canarias)

ID (Indonesia)

IE (Ireland)

IL (מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל)

IM (Isle of Man)

IS (Ísland)

IT (Italia)

JE (Jersey)

JM (Jamaica)

JP (日本)

KE (Kenya)

KM (Union des Comores)

KN (St. Kitts & Nevis)

KR (대한민국)

KY (Cayman Islands)

LC (St. Lucia)

LI (Lichtenstein)

LR (Liberia)

LS: (Muso oa Lesotho)

LT (Lietuva)

LU (Luxembourg)

LV (Latvija)

LY (دولة ليبيا)

MA (المملكة المغربية)

MC (Monaco)

MD (Republica Moldova)

ME (Crna Gora)

MF (Saint Martin)

MG (Repoblikan'i Madagasikara)

MK (Република Македонија)

ML (République du Mali)

MQ (Martinique)

MR (الجمهورية الإسلامية الموريتانية)

MS (Montserrat)

MT (Malta)

MW (Malawi)

MX (México)

MY (Malaysia)

MZ (Moçambique)

NA (Namibia)

NC (Nouvelle-Calédonie)

NE (République du Niger)

NG (Nigeria)

NI (Nicaragua)

NL (Nederland)

NO (Norge)

NZ (New Zealand)

PA (Panamá)

PE (Perú)

PH (Philippines)

PL (Polska)

PM (St. Pierre & Miquelon)

PR (Puerto Rico)

PT (Portugal)

PY (Paraguay)

RE (Réunion)

RO (Romania)

RS (Република Србија)

RU (Россия)

RW (Rwanda)

SC (Seychelles)

SD (جمهورية السودان)

SE (Sverige)

SG (Singapore)

SH (St. Helena)

SI (Republika Slovenija)

SJ (Svalbard & Jan Mayen)

SK (Slovenská republika)

SL (Sierra Leone)

SM (San Marino)

SN (République du Sénégal)

SO (Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya)

SR (Suriname)

SS (South Sudan)

ST (São Tomé & Príncipe)

SV (El Salvador)

SX (Sint Maarten)

SZ (Eswatini)

TC (Turks & Caicos Islands)

TD (جمهورية تشاد)

TG (République togolaise)

TN (الجمهورية التونسية)

TO (Puleʻanga Fakatuʻi ʻo Tonga)

TR (Türkiye)

TT (Trinidad & Tobago)

TW (中華民國)

TZ (Tanzania)

UA (Україна)

UG (Uganda)

US (United States of America)

UY (Uruguay)

VA (Stato della Città del Vaticano)

VC (St. Vincent & Grenadines)

VE (Venezuela)

VG (British Virgin Islands)

VI (U.S. Virgin Islands)

VN (Cộng hòa Xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam)

VU (République de Vanuatu)

XK (Republika e Kosovës)

YT (Mayotte)

ZA (South Africa)

ZM (Zambia)

ZW (Zimbabwe)


What are the most common uses cases of this API?

This API is ideal for those who want to keep track of any holiday in the country of their desire. You will be able to detect how many workable days the year will have and take decisions based on that information.  

If you are a travel agency and want to provide special offers based on a specific holiday, you can achieve that with this API. 

Recognize where the holiday will be taking place, so you will know if it's a workable day or a weekend day. 


Are there any limitations to your plans?

Besides the number of API calls per month:

Free Plan: 1 request per second. 

Basic Plan: 100 requests per second. 

API Documentation


Get holidays for the chosen country in the specified time period

Get Holidays - Endpoint Features
Object Description
country [Required] The country two letter code.
year [Optional] Year to check.
month [Optional] Month to check.
day [Optional] Day to check.

API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every developer is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the Check Holidays API REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

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