Animals Data API

Animals Data API

Animals Data API allows you to access data about animals, such as their behavior, locations, feeding habits, and other characteristics.

About the API:

The Animals Data API will provide users with information about animals. This API can be used by researchers, educators, or anyone with an interest in animals to access information about a wide range of species.

The data provided by an Animals Data API include information about the behavior, habits, and characteristics of different animals. It includes details about an animal's diet, habitat, physical characteristics, and other features.

Users of the Animals Data API are able to search and retrieve specific information about animals, simply by entering the animal name in a required parameter.

What your API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

It will receive a parameter and provide you with a JSON.

What are the most common uses cases of this API?

Research: Scientists and researchers can use the API to access data about animal behavior, habitats, and characteristics for use in their studies.

Education: Educators can use the API to retrieve information about animals to use in lesson plans or educational materials.

Animal identification: The API can be used to identify animals based on their physical characteristics or other features.

Animal classification: The API can be used to classify animals based on their characteristics and behaviors.

Animal behavior studies: Researchers can use the API to study the behavior of animals in different environments or situations.

Animal entertainment: The API can be used to provide information about animals for use in interactive exhibits, games, or other forms of entertainment.

Are there any limitations to your plans?

Basic Plan: 5,000 API Calls.

Pro Plan: 25,000 API Calls.

Pro Plus Plan: 100,000 API Calls.

Elite Plan: 300,000 API Calls.

API Documentation


The Get Animals Data endpoint of the Animals Data API allows you to retrieve data about a specific animal based on its name. This endpoint requires a required parameter called "name", which specifies the name of the animal from that you want to retrieve data. 

It can return up to 10 or more results corresponding to the "name" parameter.

Required Parameter: name // This parameter allows partial matches. Example: shark will match with Blue Shark and Grey Reef Shark, etc.


Get Animals Data - Endpoint Features
Object Description
name [Required] The usual name of the animal you want to search for. For example shark
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            [{"name": "Basking Shark", "taxonomy": {"kingdom": "Animalia", "phylum": "Chordata", "class": "Chondrichthyes", "order": "Lamniformes", "family": "Cetorhinidae", "genus": "Cetorhinus", "scientific_name": "Cetorhinus Maximus"}, "locations": ["Ocean"], "characteristics": {"main_prey": "Fish, Plankton, Invertebrates", "distinctive_feature": "Enormous mouth and large body size", "water_type": "Salt", "optimum_ph_level": "5 - 7", "habitat": "Temperate waters along continental shelves", "predators": "Sharks, Humans, Killer Whales", "diet": "Carnivore", "favorite_food": "Fish", "common_name": "Basking Shark", "average_clutch_size": "6", "slogan": "The second biggest fish in the world!", "color": "BrownGreyBlack", "skin_type": "Smooth", "lifespan": "20 - 100 years", "length": "6m - 12m (20ft - 39ft)"}}, {"name": "Blue Shark", "taxonomy": {"kingdom": "Animalia", "phylum": "Chordata", "class": "Chondrichthyes", "order": "Carcharhiniformes", "family": "Carcharhinidae", "genus": "Prionace", "scientific_name": "Prionace glauca"}, "locations": ["Ocean"], "characteristics": {"prey": "Cephalopods and fish, injured marine mammals", "group_behavior": "School", "estimated_population_size": "At least 20 million", "biggest_threat": "Humans", "most_distinctive_feature": "Its blue coloration", "other_name(s)": "Blue dog, blue whaler", "gestation_period": "9 to 12 months", "water_type": "Salt", "optimum_ph_level": "8.1", "habitat": "The deep, open ocean", "predators": "Tiger sharks, great white sharks, orcas, humans, sea lions", "diet": "Carnivore", "type": "Fish", "common_name": "Blue shark", "number_of_species": "1", "color": "GreyBlue", "skin_type": "Rough", "top_speed": "43 mph", "lifespan": "15 years", "weight": "60 to 121 pounds in males and 205 to 401 pounds in females", "length": "11 feet"}}, {"name": "Bonnethead Shark", "taxonomy": {"kingdom": "Animalia", "phylum": "Chordata", "class": "Chondrichthyes", "order": "Carcharhiniformes", "family": "Sphyrnidae", "genus": "Sphyrna", "scientific_name": "Sphyrna tiburo"}, "locations": ["Ocean"], "characteristics": {"prey": "Crustaceans, cephalopods", "group_behavior": "School", "estimated_population_size": "Unknown, but the shark is abundant where it is found", "biggest_threat": "Humans", "most_distinctive_feature": "Its head", "other_name(s)": "Bonnet shark, shovelhead shark, Bonnetnose shark, bonnet hammerhead", "gestation_period": "4.5 to 5 months", "water_type": "Brackish", "habitat": "Warm, offshore waters", "predators": "Humans, larger sharks", "diet": "Omnivore", "type": "Fish", "common_name": "Bonnethead shark", "number_of_species": "1", "color": "GreyBlack-BrownGrey-Brown", "skin_type": "Rough", "top_speed": "0.7 mph", "weight": "6.6 to 8.8 pounds", "length": "20 to 39 inches in length. Females are larger."}}, {"name": "Bull Shark", "taxonomy": {"kingdom": "Animalia", "phylum": "Chordata", "class": "Chondrichthyes", "order": "Carcharhiniformes", "family": "Carcharhinidae", "genus": "Carcharhinus", "scientific_name": "Carcharhinus Leucas"}, "locations": ["Ocean"], "characteristics": {"main_prey": "Fish, Sharks, Stingray", "distinctive_feature": "Flat, rounded snout and two dorsal fins", "habitat": "Shallow and tropical waters", "predators": "Human, Tiger sharks", "diet": "Carnivore", "average_litter_size": "10", "lifestyle": "Solitary", "favorite_food": "Fish", "type": "Fish", "slogan": "Unpredictable and aggressive temperament!", "color": "GreyBlue", "skin_type": "Scales", "top_speed": "25 mph", "lifespan": "16 - 25 years", "weight": "90kg - 230kg (200lbs - 500lbs)", "length": "2.1m - 3.5m (7ft - 11.5ft)"}}, {"name": "Cookiecutter Shark", "taxonomy": {"kingdom": "Animalia", "phylum": "Chordata", "class": "Chondrichthyes", "order": "Squaliformes", "family": "Dalatiidae", "genus": "Isistius"}, "locations": ["Ocean"], "characteristics": {"prey": "large squid, gonostomatids, crustaceans", "group_behavior": "Solitary", "estimated_population_size": "Unknown", "biggest_threat": "Ocean pollution", "most_distinctive_feature": "Cookiecutter sharks glow", "other_name(s)": "Cigar shark", "water_type": "Salt", "habitat": "Ocean", "predators": "large sharks and bony fish", "diet": "Carnivore", "favorite_food": "Marlin, tuna, other sharks, stingrays, seals and whales", "type": "Dalatiidae", "common_name": "Cigar shark", "number_of_species": "2", "color": "Brown", "skin_type": "Rough", "lifespan": "Up to 25 years", "length": "14-22 inches"}}, {"name": "Frilled Shark", "taxonomy": {"kingdom": "Animalia", "phylum": "Chordata", "class": "Chondrichthyes", "order": "Hexanchiformes", "family": "Chlamydoselachidae", "genus": "Chlamydoselachus", "scientific_name": "Chlamydoselachus anguineus"}, "locations": ["Least Concern"], "characteristics": {"prey": "Squid, smaller sharks, bony fish", "group_behavior": "Solitary", "estimated_population_size": "Unknown", "most_distinctive_feature": " Long and slender eel-like bod", "other_name(s)": "Frill-Gilled Shark, Scaffold Shark, Silk Shark, Greenland Shark, Fringe Shark, Lizard Shark", "gestation_period": "Possibly as long as 42 months", "water_type": "Salt", "habitat": "Deep sea", "predators": "Other shark species", "diet": "Omnivore", "favorite_food": "Squid, smaller sharks, bony fish", "common_name": "Frilled Shark", "number_of_species": "2", "location": "Deep sea", "color": "GreyDark Brown", "skin_type": "Scales", "lifespan": "Estimated to be about 25 years", "length": "3.2 to 3.6 feet on average (males); 4.4 to 4.9 feet on average (females); maximum length of 6.4 feet"}}, {"name": "Goblin Shark", "taxonomy": {"kingdom": "Animalia", "phylum": "Chordata", "class": "Chondrichthyes", "order": "Lamniformes", "family": "Mitsukurinidae", "genus": "Mitsukurina", "scientific_name": "Mitsukurina owstoni"}, "locations": ["Least Concern"], "characteristics": {"prey": "Teoeost fish, cephalopods, and crustaceans", "biggest_threat": "Blue Sharks", "most_distinctive_feature": "Catapulting snout", "other_name(s)": "Living Fossil", "habitat": "Deep Sea", "predators": "Blue Sharks", "diet": "Carnivore", "favorite_food": "Teoeost fish, cephalopods, and crustaceans", "common_name": "Goblin Shark", "number_of_species": "1", "color": "TanPink", "skin_type": "Scales", "top_speed": "15 mph", "lifespan": "About 60 years", "weight": "330 to 460 pounds", "length": "9.8 to 13.1 feet"}}, {"name": "Great White Shark", "taxonomy": {"kingdom": "Animalia", "phylum": "Chordata", "class": "Chondrichthyes", "order": "Lamniformes", "family": "Lamnidae", "genus": "Carcharodon", "scientific_name": "Carcharodon carcharias"}, "locations": ["Ocean"], "characteristics": {"prey": "Seals, Sea Lions, Dolphins", "name_of_young": "Pup", "group_behavior": "Solitary", "estimated_population_size": "Unknown", "biggest_threat": "Hunting and habitat degredation", "distinctive_feature": "Large pointed snout and powerful tail fin", "other_name(s)": "White Shark, White Pointer Shark", "optimum_ph_level": "5 - 7", "incubation_period": "12 - 18 months", "age_of_independence": "From birth", "average_spawn_size": "9", "habitat": "Temperate, coastal waters and open ocean", "diet": "Carnivore", "lifestyle": "Diurnal", "common_name": "Great White Shark", "number_of_species": "1", "location": "Worldwide", "slogan": "Can grow to more than 8 meters long!", "group": "Fish", "color": "GreyBlackWhite", "skin_type": "Tough", "top_speed": "15 mph", "lifespan": "30 - 40 years", "weight": "1,110kg - 2,240kg (2,450lbs - 4,938lbs)", "length": "5.5m - 8m (18ft - 26ft)", "age_of_sexual_maturity": "17 years"}}, {"name": "Greenland Shark", "taxonomy": {"kingdom": "Animalia", "phylum": "Chordata", "class": "Chondrichthyes", "order": "Squaliformes", "family": "Somniosidae", "genus": "Somniosus", "scientific_name": "Somniosus microcephalus"}, "locations": ["Ocean"], "characteristics": {"prey": "Smaller sharks and small whales, herring, cod and other fish, seals and squid.", "name_of_young": "Pup", "group_behavior": "Largely solitary", "estimated_population_size": "Several thousand", "biggest_threat": "Climate change, overfishing", "most_distinctive_feature": "Their great age.", "other_name(s)": "Gurry, eqalussuaq, grey shark, sleeper shark", "gestation_period": "Eight to 18 years", "litter_size": "10", "habitat": "Deep, cold, waters of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans.", "predators": "Humans", "diet": "Carnivore", "favorite_food": "Greenland shark food includes fish, marine mammals and carrion.", "type": "Fish", "common_name": "Greenland Shark", "number_of_species": "1", "location": "Canada, Greenland, Iceland", "group": "School or shiver", "color": "GreyBlack-Brown", "skin_type": "Rough", "top_speed": "-0.24 mph", "lifespan": "250 to 500 years", "weight": "2200 pounds", "length": "21 feet", "age_of_sexual_maturity": "150 years"}}, {"name": "Grey Reef Shark", "taxonomy": {"kingdom": "Animalia", "phylum": "Chordata", "class": "Chondrichthyes", "order": "Carcharhiniformes", "family": "Carcharhinidae", "genus": "Carcharhinus", "scientific_name": "Carcharhinus Amblyrhynchos"}, "locations": ["Ocean"], "characteristics": {"main_prey": "Fish, Crab, Squid", "habitat": "Warm waters and coral reefs", "predators": "Human, Larger sharks", "diet": "Carnivore", "average_litter_size": "4", "lifestyle": "Solitary", "favorite_food": "Fish", "type": "Fish", "slogan": "One of the most common shark species!", "color": "GreyBlackWhite", "skin_type": "Smooth", "top_speed": "25 mph", "lifespan": "22-28 years", "weight": "20-30kg (44-66lbs)"}}, {"name": "Hammerhead Shark", "taxonomy": {"kingdom": "Animalia", "phylum": "Chordata", "class": "Chondrichthyes", "order": "Carcharhiniformes", "family": "Sphyrnidae", "scientific_name": "Sphyrnidae"}, "locations": ["Ocean"], "characteristics": {"prey": "crustaceans, fish, cephalopods, stingrays", "group_behavior": "Solitary/School", "estimated_population_size": "Unknown", "biggest_threat": "Overfishing, shark culling", "most_distinctive_feature": "Hammer-shaped head", "other_name(s)": "sphyrnids", "gestatio...

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