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After years in the API market, we've observed that certain types of APIs have significant potential for monetization. APIs such as Checker, Lookup, and Verification are frequently used and highly valued. Additionally, APIs that provide real-time information or extensive historical data are also in high demand.
Interestingly, we've found that some APIs, which may not initially seem to have high monetization potential, can still attract a substantial number of subscriptions. Given the vast and diverse developer community, there is always a possibility that an API will find its niche and become widely used.

Zyla API Hub supports an extensive list of APIs in over 30 distinct categories. We strive to provide the best and most comprehensive APIs in every field. If you believe your API deserves a place in our Hub, do not hesitate to upload it so we can review it and guide you through the process.

You can price your API based on the number of API calls you will offer in each plan. The prices of the plans are predefined; you just need to assign a quantity of API calls to each plan. We suggest that you define as many plans as possible to cover a wide range of needs. Remember that in Zyla API Hub, the plans are presented on a monthly basis, but customers can also pay for a year in advance by choosing annual billing.
Zyla API Hub will also review the pricing structure you have chosen and provide you with tips to improve your sales and profits.

The terms "soft limit" and "hard limit" in an API typically refer to the usage limits imposed on API keys or accounts.
- Soft limit: This is a threshold set below the hard limit. When the soft limit is reached, users might receive warnings or notifications indicating that they are approaching their usage limit. They may still be able to make requests beyond the soft limit, but it serves as a signal to start reducing usage or upgrading the account.
- Hard limit: This is the absolute maximum usage allowed for an API key or account. Once the hard limit is reached, the API may deny further requests, returning an error or message indicating that the limit has been exceeded. Users will need to upgrade their account or take other actions to increase their usage limits.
At Zyla API Hub, we currently only allow APIs with a Hard Limit.

The ideal uptime is 100%. We understand that this is not always achievable, so Zyla API Hub will require a minimum uptime of 99.8% for your APIs. Please note that your earnings may be affected if you do not meet this requirement, as it can result in partial or total refund requests from subscribers. If uptime repeatedly falls below 99.9%, the Zyla Labs team may temporarily or permanently suspend your API.

Yes, you can modify an API you have uploaded before, and every change will be reviewed by our QA team. Please note that modifying the functionality of an endpoint or the entire API can leave several clients without service or with operational issues. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to modify the input parameters or the structure of the API response without prior notice to the Zyla support team. If you need to make a structural change, it is best to contact us so we can help you make it in a way that has the least impact on subscribers. Our support team has the ability, for example, to deprecate old endpoints or notify all subscribers of a structural change.

Uploading your API to ZylaLabs is completely free of charge. There are no upfront costs, and you can upload as many APIs as you want without incurring any expenses. Zyla API Hub operates on a revenue share program, ensuring a fair and mutually beneficial partnership with API owners. Under this program, when users subscribe to your API, you, as the API owner, receive 80% of the income generated from their subscriptions. Zyla API Hub retains the remaining 20% to cover operational costs and platform maintenance.
This revenue-sharing model encourages API owners to publish their APIs on Zyla API Hub, as it provides a chance to reach a broader audience and earn revenue based on successful subscriptions. The platform's approach fosters collaboration and incentivizes API providers to offer high-quality and valuable APIs, ultimately benefiting both API owners and API users within the ecosystem.
By offering a cost-free and revenue-sharing structure, ZylaLabs aims to create a thriving marketplace for APIs, supporting API providers in showcasing their offerings while delivering valuable services to developers and businesses worldwide.