AliExpress Products API

AliExpress Products API

The AliExpress Products API is a powerful tool that allows developers and companies to integrate with the Aliexpress platform, gaining access to their products.

API description

About the API:  

The AliExpress Products API provides developers with a direct line of communication with the AliExpress platform, allowing them to access and leverage its extensive product catalog. With this API, developers can seamlessly integrate AliExpress services into their own applications, websites or marketplaces, offering a unified and enhanced shopping experience to their customers.

One of the strengths of the AliExpress Products API is its extensive product catalog. With millions of products available in numerous categories, businesses can access an unrivaled selection to offer their customers. The API allows developers to search by keyword and retrieve information about products, including descriptions and prices. This wealth of data allows companies to create compelling product offerings and drive customer engagement.

In the ever-evolving world of commerce, seamless integration and innovation are critical for businesses to thrive. The AliExpress Products API emerges as a powerful solution that offers a wide range of features and functionalities that enable developers, entrepreneurs and businesses to leverage the immense potential of the AliExpress platform. With its extensive capabilities and user-friendly interface, the AliExpress Products API opens up a world of possibilities for commerce growth and success.

To facilitate a personalized and targeted shopping experience, AliExpress Products API provides access to displaying discounts and a wealth of information about products. Developers can integrate this feature into their applications, enabling shoppers to make informed purchase decisions based on authentic reviews from previous customers.

In addition to these core functions, this API offers comprehensive documentation and developer resources. This ensures that developers have the necessary tools, guidelines and support to efficiently implement and optimize integration with AliExpress services.


What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

It will receive parameters and provide you with a JSON.


What are the most common uses cases of this API?

  1. E-commerce integration: The API allows businesses to integrate AliExpress' vast product catalog directly into their own e-commerce platforms, enabling seamless product listing, inventory management and order fulfillment.

  2. Price comparison: they can use the AliExpress API to get product prices, for price comparison within their apps or websites, helping customers find the best deals available on AliExpress.

  3. Product search: Provides access to detailed product information, allowing developers to create tools or apps that help users research and analyze products.

  4. Inventory Management: The API allows companies to synchronize inventory data in between their systems and AliExpress, ensuring accurate stock management, preventing overselling and automating inventory updates.

  5. Affiliate marketing: Affiliates can use this API to access product information.


Are there any limitations to your plans?

  • Free Plan: 10 API Calls.

  • Basic Plan: 10,000 API Calls. 60 requests per minute.

  • Pro Plan: 50,000 API Calls. 60 requests per minute.

  • Pro Plus Plan: 120,000 API Calls. 60 requests per minute.

  • Premium Plan: 380,000 API Calls. 60 requests per minute.

API Documentation


To use this endpoint all you have to do is enter in the parameter the name of a product and a value up to 10,000.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                            [{"app_sale_price":"3.43","app_sale_price_currency":"USD","commission_rate":"7.0%","discount":"20%","evaluate_rate":"95.3%","first_level_category_id":7,"first_level_category_name":"Computer & Office","hot_product_commission_rate":"8.0%","lastest_volume":426,"original_price":"4.29","original_price_currency":"USD","product_detail_url":"","product_id":1005004408592974,"product_main_image_url":"","product_small_image_urls":["","","","","",""],"product_title":"Paper Like Film for Mi Pad 5 Pro 2021 Xiaomi Pad 5 11'' Matte PET Painting Write Tablet Screen Protector Accessories","promotion_link":"","relevant_market_commission_rate":"3.0%","sale_price":"3.43","sale_price_currency":"USD","second_level_category_id":200001085,"second_level_category_name":"Tablet Accessories & Parts","shop_id":4459030,"shop_url":"","target_app_sale_price":"3.43","target_app_sale_price_currency":"USD","target_original_price":"4.29","target_original_price_currency":"USD","target_sale_price":"3.43","target_sale_price_currency":"USD"},{"app_sale_price":"3.41","app_sale_price_currency":"USD","commission_rate":"7.0%","discount":"30%","evaluate_rate":"98.2%","first_level_category_id":7,"first_level_category_name":"Computer & Office","hot_product_commission_rate":"8.0%","lastest_volume":48,"original_price":"4.87","original_price_currency":"USD","product_detail_url":"","product_id":1005003176814294,"product_main_image_url":"","product_small_image_urls":["","","","","",""],"product_title":"9H Tempered Glass For Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus Screen Protector For Xiaomi MiPad 4 Plus 10.1 Full Cover Tablet Glass Protective Film","promotion_link":"","relevant_market_commission_rate":"3.0%","sale_price":"3.41","sale_price_currency":"USD","second_level_category_id":200001085,"second_level_category_name":"Tablet Accessories & Parts","shop_id":5376008,"shop_url":"","target_app_sale_price":"3.41","target_app_sale_price_currency":"USD","target_original_price":"4.87","target_original_price_currency":"USD","target_sale_price":"3.41","target_sale_price_currency":"USD"},{"app_sale_price":"3.48","app_sale_price_currency":"USD","commission_rate":"7.0%","discount":"33%","evaluate_rate":"94.8%","first_level_category_id":6,"first_level_category_name":"Home Appliances","hot_product_commission_rate":"10.0%","lastest_volume":676,"original_price":"5.20","original_price_currency":"USD","product_detail_url":"","product_id":1005001919350569,"product_main_image_url":"","product_small_image_urls":["","","","","",""],"product_title":"New Mop Cloths Rags Accessories For XiaoMi Roborock S5 Max S6 Pure S6 MaxV S5 S51 S50 S55 Xiaowa E25 E35 Vacuum Cleaner Parts","promotion_link":"","relevant_market_commission_rate":"3.0%","sale_price":"3.48","sale_price_currency":"USD","second_level_category_id":100000039,"second_level_category_name":"Home Appliance Parts","shop_id":3672086,"shop_url":"","target_app_sale_price":"3.48","target_app_sale_price_currency":"USD","target_original_price":"5.20","target_original_price_currency":"USD","target_sale_price":"3.48","target_sale_price_currency":"USD"},{"app_sale_price":"5.49","app_sale_price_currency":"USD","commission_rate":"7.0%","discount":"50%","evaluate_rate":"100.0%","first_level_category_id":6,"first_level_category_name":"Home Appliances","hot_product_commission_rate":"10.0%","lastest_volume":164,"original_price":"10.99","original_price_currency":"USD","product_detail_url":"","product_id":1005005218382093,"product_main_image_url":"","product_small_image_urls":["","","","",""],"product_title":"For Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ / S10 Plus Spare Parts Accessories Main Side Brush Hepa Filter Mop Rag Cloth","promotion_link":"

Get AliExpress products - Endpoint Features
Object Description

To use this endpoint all you have to do is enter in the parameter the ID of a product.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                            [{"app_sale_price":"14.80","app_sale_price_currency":"USD","commission_rate":"7.0%","discount":"63%","evaluate_rate":"96.7%","first_level_category_id":200000297,"first_level_category_name":"Apparel Accessories","hot_product_commission_rate":"8.5%","lastest_volume":1800,"original_price":"39.99","original_price_currency":"USD","product_detail_url":"","product_id":32841070485,"product_main_image_url":"","product_small_image_urls":["","","","","",""],"product_title":"BARCUR Black Walnut Sunglasses Wood Polarized Sunglasses Men Glasses Men UV400 Protection Eyewear Wooden Original Box","product_video_url":"","promotion_link":"","relevant_market_commission_rate":"3.5%","sale_price":"14.80","sale_price_currency":"USD","second_level_category_id":200000440,"second_level_category_name":"Eyewear & Accessories","shop_id":2664088,"shop_url":"","target_app_sale_price":"14.80","target_app_sale_price_currency":"USD","target_original_price":"39.99","target_original_price_currency":"USD","target_sale_price":"14.80","target_sale_price_currency":"USD"}]

Get AliExpress products by id - Endpoint Features
Object Description

API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every developer is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the AliExpress Products API REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

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