Rental Estimate API

Rental Estimate API

Get Rent Estimates and comparable rental listings from properties all along the US. This API covers residential and commercial properties as well.

API description


About the API:

This API provides on-demand access to real-time property rent estimates and comparable rental listings. We have nationwide coverage for nearly all residential and commercial properties in the US.


What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

This API will receive information like the address from which you want to get rental information. Latitude and longitude if you do not have the address. 

Also, you will select the property type, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the total living area size of the property, and in square feet you will be receiving a listing of different properties that will fit those characteristics. 


What are the most common uses cases of this API?

Rent Estimate API is the perfect tool for landlords and property managers. It allows you to return a rent estimate and similar rental listings for an address or lat/long coordinate. This tool will improve the estimate accuracy by providing property feature parameters.

Ideal for those real estate agencies that want to get a view of rental prices in a determined area. Also, it will help to set a rental information database to use in the future and compare how much the rents have changed over the years. 


Are there any limitations with your plans?

Besides API call limitations per month:

  • Free Plan: 1k calls per day. 
  • Basic Plan: 15k calls per day. 
  • Pro Plan: 50k calls per day. 

API Documentation


With this tool, you can get a rental estimate for an address or lat/long coordinate. You can also get a similar rental listing for an address or lat/long coordinate. This tool is designed to improve the accuracy of your rental estimate.

Receive a vast list of estimated rentals across the USA. 


Property Types

We use the following property types in our API, both for the propertyType query parameter, as well as any property type fields, returned via our API as part of property or listing records:

  • Single Family (default): a detached, single-family property
  • Condo: a single unit in a condominium development or building, which is part of a home owner’s association (HOA)
  • Townhouse: a single-family property that shares walls with other adjacent homes, and is typically part of a home owner’s association (HOA)
  • Duplex-Triplex: a single unit/apartment within a residential multi-family building (2-4 units)
  • Apartment: a single unit/apartment within a commercial multi-family building or apartment complex (5+ units)


Rental Estimate - Endpoint Features
Object Description
address [Required] The property address in the format of 'Street, City, State, Zip'. You need to provide either the address or the latitude/longitude parameters
propertyType [Optional] Property type.
bedrooms [Optional]
bathrooms [Optional]
squareFootage [Optional]
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"rent":1423.02,"rentRangeLow":1363.82,"rentRangeHigh":1482.22,"longitude":-98.35147909999999,"latitude":29.4759532,"listings":[{"id":"6926-Lakeivew-Dr,---101,-San-Antonio,-TX-78244","formattedAddress":"6926 Lakeivew Dr, # 101, San Antonio, TX 78244","longitude":-98.350538,"latitude":29.475907,"city":"San Antonio","state":"TX","zipcode":"78244","price":1495,"publishedDate":"2022-07-27T03:34:51.928Z","distance":0.09134690204529243,"daysOld":1.5,"correlation":0.9938,"address":"6926 Lakeivew Dr, # 101","county":"Bexar County","bedrooms":3,"bathrooms":2.5,"propertyType":"Townhouse","squareFootage":1324},{"id":"6926-Lakeview-Dr,-Unit-101,-San-Antonio,-TX-78244","formattedAddress":"6926 Lakeview Dr, Unit 101, San Antonio, TX 78244","longitude":-98.350538,"latitude":29.475907,"city":"San Antonio","state":"TX","zipcode":"78244","price":1495,"publishedDate":"2022-07-21T03:30:52.122Z","distance":0.09134690204529243,"daysOld":7.51,"correlation":0.9937,"address":"6926 Lakeview Dr, Unit 101","county":"Bexar County","bedrooms":3,"bathrooms":2.5,"propertyType":"Duplex-Triplex","squareFootage":1324},{"id":"6922-Lakeview-Dr,-Unit-101,-San-Antonio,-TX-78244","formattedAddress":"6922 Lakeview Dr, Unit 101, San Antonio, TX 78244","longitude":-98.350666,"latitude":29.475845,"city":"San Antonio","state":"TX","zipcode":"78244","price":1425,"publishedDate":"2022-03-25T03:13:36.318Z","distance":0.0797127921055297,"daysOld":125.52,"correlation":0.9932,"address":"6922 Lakeview Dr, Unit 101","county":"Bexar County","bedrooms":3,"bathrooms":2.5,"propertyType":"Duplex-Triplex","squareFootage":1324},{"id":"6918-Lakeview-Dr,-Unit-102,-San-Antonio,-TX-78244","formattedAddress":"6918 Lakeview Dr, Unit 102, San Antonio, TX 78244","longitude":-98.350862,"latitude":29.47575,"city":"San Antonio","state":"TX","zipcode":"78244","price":1350,"publishedDate":"2021-11-23T02:33:20.741Z","distance":0.06393815989733555,"daysOld":247.55,"correlation":0.9929,"address":"6918 Lakeview Dr, Unit 102","county":"Bexar County","bedrooms":3,"bathrooms":2.5,"propertyType":"Duplex-Triplex","squareFootage":1324},{"id":"6918-Lakeview-Dr,---102,-San-Antonio,-TX-78244","formattedAddress":"6918 Lakeview Dr, # 102, San Antonio, TX 78244","longitude":-98.350862,"latitude":29.47575,"city":"San Antonio","state":"TX","zipcode":"78244","price":1350,"publishedDate":"2021-11-24T03:19:08.272Z","distance":0.06393815989733555,"daysOld":246.52,"correlation":0.9929,"address":"6918 Lakeview Dr, # 102","county":"Bexar County","bedrooms":3,"bathrooms":2.5,"propertyType":"Townhouse","squareFootage":1324}]}

Rental Estimate - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request GET ' S Josephine St, Denver, CO, 80209&propertyType=apartment&bedrooms=2&bathrooms=2&squareFootage=1600' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every developer is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the Rental Estimate API REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

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The Rental Estimate API provides real-time property rent estimates and comparable rental listings for residential and commercial properties in the US. It offers on-demand access to valuable information about rental prices, allowing developers to integrate this data into their applications or websites.

The rent estimates provided by the Rental Estimate API are based on comprehensive data and algorithms that take into account various factors such as property location, size, amenities, and market trends. While the estimates are designed to be as accurate as possible, it's important to note that they are estimates and may not reflect the exact rental price for a specific property.

The Rental Estimate API collects data from various sources, including public records, property listings, real estate databases, and market trends. The API's algorithms analyze this data to generate rent estimates and identify comparable rental listings, providing users with valuable insights into the rental market.

Yes, the Rental Estimate API covers both residential and commercial properties across the United States. Whether you need rent estimates for apartments, houses, offices, retail spaces, or other types of properties, the API offers nationwide coverage for a wide range of real estate categories.

The Rental Estimate API is designed to be easily integrated into applications or websites. It typically follows a RESTful API architecture, allowing developers to make HTTP requests to the API endpoints and receive the rent estimates and comparable rental listings as responses. Developers can refer to the API documentation for detailed instructions on how to use the API and incorporate the data into their projects.

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