Exchange Rate Data API

Exchange Rate Data API

Exchange Rate Data API: Real-time rates, historical data, and effortless conversion for global financial transactions. Empowering businesses, travelers, and developers worldwide.

About the API:  

The Exchange Rate Data API opens the door to the global economy, offering a full suite of foreign exchange and currency conversion services. In today's interconnected world, businesses, travelers and financial institutions need real-time access to accurate exchange rates and currency conversion tools to thrive and succeed.

At the core of the Exchange Rate Data API is its ability to provide up-to-date exchange rates for a wide range of currencies. These rates are sourced from trusted financial data providers, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Whether you are planning an international trade transaction or simply keeping an eye on the currency market, this API keeps you informed in real time.

The Exchange Rate Data API simplifies currency conversion with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Users can seamlessly integrate the conversion functions into their applications, allowing users to effortlessly convert between currencies with a single click or command.

In today's global marketplace, companies often transact in multiple currencies. The Exchange Rate Data API supports a wide range of currencies, including major world currencies and secondary currencies, ensuring complete coverage for your financial needs.

The API enables automatic currency conversion within applications and websites. This feature is especially valuable for e-commerce platforms, travel booking websites and financial software, enabling seamless currency conversion for international customers.

Users will find it easy to integrate the foreign exchange API into their applications, websites or financial software. Detailed documentation and support facilitate the integration process.

The Exchange Rate Data API is a financial compass for the modern world. It provides businesses, travelers and users with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of foreign exchange seamlessly. Whether you conduct international business, manage your finances or create innovative applications, this API ensures that currency conversion is no longer a barrier but a bridge to global opportunities. It's your passport to the ever-evolving world of global finance, and it's here to streamline your foreign exchange needs.


What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

It will receive parameters and provide you with a JSON.


What are the most common uses cases of this API?

  1. E-commerce platforms: Enable customers to check prices and make purchases in their preferred currency, enhancing the shopping experience.

  2. International travel applications: Help travelers convert currencies and manage their expenses abroad.

  3. Financial applications: Integrate real-time exchange rates for financial and investment planning.

  4. Currency conversion widgets: Add currency conversion tools to websites, blogs and financial news sites.

  5. Accounting software: Facilitate multicurrency transactions and financial reporting for businesses operating around the world.

Are there any limitations to your plans?

  • 1 request per second.

  • Basic Plan: 3,000 API Calls. 100 requests per day and 30 requests per second.

  • Pro Plan: 12,000 API Calls. 400 requests per day and 30 requests per second.

  • Pro Plus Plan: 45,000 API Calls. 1,500 requests per day and 30 requests per second.

  • Premium Plan: 240,000 API Calls. 8,000 requests per day and 30 requests per second.

API Documentation


To use this endpoint all you have to do is run it and you will get all the available currencies.


Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"success":true,"data":{"AED":"United Arab Emirates Dirham","AFN":"Afghan Afghani","ALL":"Albanian Lek","AMD":"Armenian Dram","ANG":"Netherlands Antillean Guilder","AOA":"Angolan Kwanza","ARS":"Argentine Peso","AUD":"Australian Dollar","AWG":"Aruban Florin","AZN":"Azerbaijani Manat","BAM":"Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark","BBD":"Barbadian Dollar","BDT":"Bangladeshi Taka","BGN":"Bulgarian Lev","BHD":"Bahraini Dinar","BIF":"Burundian Franc","BMD":"Bermudan Dollar","BND":"Brunei Dollar","BOB":"Bolivian Boliviano","BRL":"Brazilian Real","BSD":"Bahamian Dollar","BTC":"Bitcoin","BTN":"Bhutanese Ngultrum","BWP":"Botswanan Pula","BYN":"Belarusian Ruble","BZD":"Belize Dollar","CAD":"Canadian Dollar","CDF":"Congolese Franc","CHF":"Swiss Franc","CLF":"Chilean Unit of Account (UF)","CLP":"Chilean Peso","CNH":"Chinese Yuan (Offshore)","CNY":"Chinese Yuan","COP":"Colombian Peso","CRC":"Costa Rican Col\u00f3n","CUC":"Cuban Convertible Peso","CUP":"Cuban Peso","CVE":"Cape Verdean Escudo","CZK":"Czech Republic Koruna","DJF":"Djiboutian Franc","DKK":"Danish Krone","DOP":"Dominican Peso","DZD":"Algerian Dinar","EGP":"Egyptian Pound","ERN":"Eritrean Nakfa","ETB":"Ethiopian Birr","EUR":"Euro","FJD":"Fijian Dollar","FKP":"Falkland Islands Pound","GBP":"British Pound Sterling","GEL":"Georgian Lari","GGP":"Guernsey Pound","GHS":"Ghanaian Cedi","GIP":"Gibraltar Pound","GMD":"Gambian Dalasi","GNF":"Guinean Franc","GTQ":"Guatemalan Quetzal","GYD":"Guyanaese Dollar","HKD":"Hong Kong Dollar","HNL":"Honduran Lempira","HRK":"Croatian Kuna","HTG":"Haitian Gourde","HUF":"Hungarian Forint","IDR":"Indonesian Rupiah","ILS":"Israeli New Sheqel","IMP":"Manx pound","INR":"Indian Rupee","IQD":"Iraqi Dinar","IRR":"Iranian Rial","ISK":"Icelandic Kr\u00f3na","JEP":"Jersey Pound","JMD":"Jamaican Dollar","JOD":"Jordanian Dinar","JPY":"Japanese Yen","KES":"Kenyan Shilling","KGS":"Kyrgystani Som","KHR":"Cambodian Riel","KMF":"Comorian Franc","KPW":"North Korean Won","KRW":"South Korean Won","KWD":"Kuwaiti Dinar","KYD":"Cayman Islands Dollar","KZT":"Kazakhstani Tenge","LAK":"Laotian Kip","LBP":"Lebanese Pound","LKR":"Sri Lankan Rupee","LRD":"Liberian Dollar","LSL":"Lesotho Loti","LYD":"Libyan Dinar","MAD":"Moroccan Dirham","MDL":"Moldovan Leu","MGA":"Malagasy Ariary","MKD":"Macedonian Denar","MMK":"Myanma Kyat","MNT":"Mongolian Tugrik","MOP":"Macanese Pataca","MRU":"Mauritanian Ouguiya","MUR":"Mauritian Rupee","MVR":"Maldivian Rufiyaa","MWK":"Malawian Kwacha","MXN":"Mexican Peso","MYR":"Malaysian Ringgit","MZN":"Mozambican Metical","NAD":"Namibian Dollar","NGN":"Nigerian Naira","NIO":"Nicaraguan C\u00f3rdoba","NOK":"Norwegian Krone","NPR":"Nepalese Rupee","NZD":"New Zealand Dollar","OMR":"Omani Rial","PAB":"Panamanian Balboa","PEN":"Peruvian Nuevo Sol","PGK":"Papua New Guinean Kina","PHP":"Philippine Peso","PKR":"Pakistani Rupee","PLN":"Polish Zloty","PYG":"Paraguayan Guarani","QAR":"Qatari Rial","RON":"Romanian Leu","RSD":"Serbian Dinar","RUB":"Russian Ruble","RWF":"Rwandan Franc","SAR":"Saudi Riyal","SBD":"Solomon Islands Dollar","SCR":"Seychellois Rupee","SDG":"Sudanese Pound","SEK":"Swedish Krona","SGD":"Singapore Dollar","SHP":"Saint Helena Pound","SLL":"Sierra Leonean Leone","SOS":"Somali Shilling","SRD":"Surinamese Dollar","SSP":"South Sudanese Pound","STD":"S\u00e3o Tom\u00e9 and Pr\u00edncipe Dobra (pre-2018)","STN":"S\u00e3o Tom\u00e9 and Pr\u00edncipe Dobra","SVC":"Salvadoran Col\u00f3n","SYP":"Syrian Pound","SZL":"Swazi Lilangeni","THB":"Thai Baht","TJS":"Tajikistani Somoni","TMT":"Turkmenistani Manat","TND":"Tunisian Dinar","TOP":"Tongan Pa'anga","TRY":"Turkish Lira","TTD":"Trinidad and Tobago Dollar","TWD":"New Taiwan Dollar","TZS":"Tanzanian Shilling","UAH":"Ukrainian Hryvnia","UGX":"Ugandan Shilling","USD":"United States Dollar","UYU":"Uruguayan Peso","UZS":"Uzbekistan Som","VEF":"Venezuelan Bol\u00edvar Fuerte (Old)","VES":"Venezuelan Bol\u00edvar Soberano","VND":"Vietnamese Dong","VUV":"Vanuatu Vatu","WST":"Samoan Tala","XAF":"CFA Franc BEAC","XAG":"Silver Ounce","XAU":"Gold Ounce","XCD":"East Caribbean Dollar","XDR":"Special Drawing Rights","XOF":"CFA Franc BCEAO","XPD":"Palladium Ounce","XPF":"CFP Franc","XPT":"Platinum Ounce","YER":"Yemeni Rial","ZAR":"South African Rand","ZMW":"Zambian Kwacha","ZWL":"Zimbabwean Dollar"}}

All Currencies - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request GET '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


To use this endpoint you must indicate 2 currencies in the parameter.


Conversion - Endpoint Features
Object Description
Request Body [Required] Json
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"success":true,"message":"OK","date":"2023-09-06","currency":{"from":"USD","to":"IDR"},"result":{"raw":15289.610049,"formatted":"15,289.61","currency":"IDR 15,289.61"},"copyright":""}

Conversion - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request POST '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every developer is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the Exchange Rate Data API REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

Simple Transparent Pricing

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To use this API the user must indicate the 2 currencies to convert.

There are different plans suits everyone including a free trial for small amount of requests, but it’s rate is limit to prevent abuse of the service.

Zyla provides a wide range of integration methods for almost all programming languages. You can use these codes to integrate with your project as you need.

The Exchange Rate Data API is a tool that provides access to up-to-date exchange rates for different currencies.

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