Sentiment Analyzer for Hotel Reviews API

Sentiment Analyzer for Hotel Reviews API

With over 149 semantic dedicated models, this API is ideal for those Hostel, Hotels, and B&B owners that want to keep track of the reviews they receive.

API description

About the API:

This API has the ability to detect more than 149 semantic models dedicated to hostels, hotels, and B&Bs. This is the most complete API for review analysis. 


What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

This API will receive the review that your client gives, and it will deliver all the semantic models that are recognized and if they are good or bad reviews.


What are the most common uses cases of this API?

Monitor your reviews: Be able to detect if your customers are pleased or not with their stay. Recognize what is the best for them and what is the worst. 

Create reports based on segments: Start creating your own reports and start measuring what are the things that your customers enjoy the most in your place, and what they think could be improved. 

Have a better approach to your customers: After you have detected what your users like from your place, you could create content that highlights those addons or experiences that you know you offer like no one else. 


Are there any limitations to your plans?

Besides the number of API calls per month:

  • All Plans: Rate Limit one request per second.

API Documentation


This endpoint returns all results in one output: general sentiment, aspects, categories, semantic analysis, and a semantic summary. 



                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"general_sentiment":1.227,"categories":{"0":{"name":"hotel","count":6,"sentiment_score":1.833},"1":{"name":"room","count":7,"sentiment_score":1},"2":{"name":"addons","count":2,"sentiment_score":1.5},"3":{"name":"service","count":2,"sentiment_score":1.5},"4":{"name":"food","count":2,"sentiment_score":0},"5":{"name":"location","count":3,"sentiment_score":1}},"aspects":{"0":{"name":"opinion","count":4,"sentiment_score":2},"1":{"name":"room","count":4,"sentiment_score":1},"2":{"name":"amenities","count":1,"sentiment_score":1},"3":{"name":"kitchen amenities","count":1,"sentiment_score":1},"4":{"name":"bathroom","count":1,"sentiment_score":1},"5":{"name":"wifi","count":2,"sentiment_score":1.5},"6":{"name":"cleaning service","count":1,"sentiment_score":1},"7":{"name":"breakfast","count":2,"sentiment_score":0},"8":{"name":"close to","count":3,"sentiment_score":1},"9":{"name":"staff","count":1,"sentiment_score":2},"10":{"name":"hotel","count":2,"sentiment_score":1.5}},"semantic_analysis":{"0":{"id_semantic_model":226,"name_semantic_model":"overall_good_satisfied","description":"The customer was satisfied in general, good overall, nice stay, good experience, good place, enjoyable experience, everything we needed, met my expectations, hotel was great","id_opposite_semantic_model":228,"category":"hotel","aspect":"opinion","feature":"overall good, satisfied","polarity":2,"segment":"Everything was great during our stay"},"1":{"id_semantic_model":5,"name_semantic_model":"room_spacious","description":"The room was big and spacious, large, good size, huge room, massive room","id_opposite_semantic_model":4,"category":"room","aspect":"room","feature":"spacious","polarity":1,"segment":"The room that we stayed in was clean and spacious"},"2":{"id_semantic_model":1,"name_semantic_model":"room_clean","description":"The room was clean, room, bedroom, bed clean, fresh, immaculate, tidy, spotless","id_opposite_semantic_model":2,"category":"room","aspect":"room","feature":"clean","polarity":1,"segment":"The room that we stayed in was clean and spacious"},"3":{"id_semantic_model":13,"name_semantic_model":"room_well_equipped","description":"The room was well equipped, good equipment, has many amenities, all needed amenities, lots of amenities, lots of outlets","id_opposite_semantic_model":224,"category":"room","aspect":"amenities","feature":"plenty, rich","polarity":1,"segment":"It has everything in the room that we need, also well equipped kitchen, coffee maker and so on"},"4":{"id_semantic_model":17,"name_semantic_model":"room_kitchen_am_available","description":"The kitchen amenities were available, kitchen, microwave, fridge other kitchen amenities available, kitchen well equipped, good size kitchen, utensils available","id_opposite_semantic_model":259,"category":"room","aspect":"kitchen amenities","feature":"available","polarity":1,"segment":"It has everything in the room that we need, also well equipped kitchen, coffee maker and so on"},"5":{"id_semantic_model":60,"name_semantic_model":"bathroom_clean","description":"The bathroom was clean, bathroom amenities, shower, towels clean, spotless, tidy","id_opposite_semantic_model":61,"category":"room","aspect":"bathroom","feature":"clean","polarity":1,"segment":"Bathroom was clean, lots of space and clean towels"},"6":{"id_semantic_model":99,"name_semantic_model":"wifi_work_good","description":"Wi-Fi was fast and reliable, steady signal, strong signal, good connection, no complaints","id_opposite_semantic_model":97,"category":"addons","aspect":"wifi","feature":"works good","polarity":2,"segment":"wifi was free and works fine"},"7":{"id_semantic_model":100,"name_semantic_model":"wifi_free","description":"Wi-Fi was free, wifi is included, no charge for wifi, free internet, free wireless","id_opposite_semantic_model":106,"category":"addons","aspect":"wifi","feature":"free","polarity":1,"segment":"wifi was free and works fine"},"8":{"id_semantic_model":1,"name_semantic_model":"room_clean","description":"The room was clean, room, bedroom, bed clean, fresh, immaculate, tidy, spotless","id_opposite_semantic_model":2,"category":"room","aspect":"room","feature":"clean","polarity":1,"segment":"room was very clean and cleaned on daily basis"},"9":{"id_semantic_model":238,"name_semantic_model":"cleaning_service_good","description":"The cleaning service was thorough and daily, cleaning on daily basis, very thorough","id_opposite_semantic_model":134,"category":"service","aspect":"cleaning service","feature":"great","polarity":1,"segment":"room was very clean and cleaned on daily basis"},"10":{"id_semantic_model":151,"name_semantic_model":"breakfast_good_great","description":"Breakfast was great and tasty, delicious, enjoyed breakfast, exceeded expectations, was satisfying, perfect to start a day","id_opposite_semantic_model":194,"category":"food","aspect":"breakfast","feature":"great, tasty","polarity":1,"segment":"Breakfast was a little bit small, but very tasty"},"11":{"id_semantic_model":150,"name_semantic_model":"breakfast_poor_limited","description":"Breakfast selection was poor and limited, poor offer, limited, lacking, not enough, not replenished","id_opposite_semantic_model":149,"category":"food","aspect":"breakfast","feature":"poor, limited","polarity":-1,"segment":"Breakfast was a little bit small, but very tasty"},"12":{"id_semantic_model":179,"name_semantic_model":"close_to_airport","description":"The hotel is close to the airport, short drive, minutes from airport","id_opposite_semantic_model":null,"category":"location","aspect":"close to","feature":"airport","polarity":1,"segment":"It was also close to the airport which was important to me, also not far from the restaurants and shopping"},"13":{"id_semantic_model":182,"name_semantic_model":"close_to_restaurants_cafe","description":"The hotel is close to bars and restaurants, short distance, easy walk to, walking distance to, restaurants, bars, places to eat, places to eat nearby, good location to restaurants","id_opposite_semantic_model":null,"category":"location","aspect":"close to","feature":"restaurants","polarity":1,"segment":"It was also close to the airport which was important to me, also not far from the restaurants and shopping"},"14":{"id_semantic_model":181,"name_semantic_model":"close_to_shopping","description":"The hotel is close to shopping, short distance, easy walk to shopping, grocery, mall, stores, many shops around, many shops nearby, not far away from shops","id_opposite_semantic_model":null,"category":"location","aspect":"close to","feature":"shopping","polarity":1,"segment":"It was also close to the airport which was important to me, also not far from the restaurants and shopping"},"15":{"id_semantic_model":9,"name_semantic_model":"room_renovated","description":"The room was renovated, bathroom renovated, updated, remodelled, nicely upgraded","id_opposite_semantic_model":8,"category":"room","aspect":"room","feature":"renovated","polarity":1,"segment":"Hotel was also nice and renovated, staff desk was very friendly and helpful"},"16":{"id_semantic_model":127,"name_semantic_model":"staff_friendly_helpful","description":"The hotel staff was friendly and helpful, desk staff, maids, waiters friendly, helpful, cooperative, smiling, wonderful, accommodating, welcoming, always available, huge help","id_opposite_semantic_model":129,"category":"service","aspect":"staff","feature":"helpful, friendly","polarity":2,"segment":"Hotel was also nice and renovated, staff desk was very friendly and helpful"},"17":{"id_semantic_model":219,"name_semantic_model":"hotel_renovated","description":"The hotel was renovated, updated, upgraded, after construction, recently updated, well updated, newly renovated","id_opposite_semantic_model":80,"category":"hotel","aspect":"hotel","feature":"renovated","polarity":1,"segment":"Hotel was also nice and renovated, staff desk was very friendly and helpful"},"18":{"id_semantic_model":226,"name_semantic_model":"overall_good_satisfied","description":"The customer was satisfied in general, good overall, nice stay, good experience, good place, enjoyable experience, everything we needed, met my expectations, hotel was great","id_opposite_semantic_model":228,"category":"hotel","aspect":"opinion","feature":"overall good, satisfied","polarity":2,"segment":"Overall this place was excellent and exceeded my expectations"},"19":{"id_semantic_model":117,"name_semantic_model":"hotel_gem","description":"The hotel is a hidden gem, wonderful, excellent, the best hotel, perfect place","id_opposite_semantic_model":103,"category":"hotel","aspect":"hotel","feature":"gem","polarity":2,"segment":"Overall this place was excellent and exceeded my expectations"},"20":{"id_semantic_model":174,"name_semantic_model":"will_recommend","description":"The customer will recommend this hotel, highly recommend, definitely recommend, you would not be disappointed","id_opposite_semantic_model":173,"category":"hotel","aspect":"opinion","feature":"will recommend","polarity":2,"segment":"Recommend this place to everyone, we will definitely come back"},"21":{"id_semantic_model":172,"name_semantic_model":"will_come_back","description":"The customer will return to this hotel, will come back, will stay again, definitely return, certainly stay again, planing to come back","id_opposite_semantic_model":162,"category":"hotel","aspect":"opinion","feature":"will return","polarity":2,"segment":"Recommend this place to everyone, we will definitely come back"}},"semantic_summary":{"0":"The customer was satisfied in general","1":"The room was big and spacious","2":"The room was clean","3":"The room was well equipped","4":"The kitchen amenities were available","5":"The bathroom was clean","6":"Wi-Fi was fast and reliable","7":"Wi-Fi was free","8":"The cleaning service was thorough and daily","9":"Breakfast was great and tasty","10":"Breakfast selection was poor and limited","11":"The hotel is close to the airport","12":"The hotel is close to bars and resta...

Run Analysis - Endpoint Features
Object Description
text [Required] The review text you want to analyze
title [Optional] The title of your review. Optional.

API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every developer is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the Sentiment Analyzer for Hotel Reviews API REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

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