Quickly Summarize Video API

Quickly Summarize Video API

A Quickly Summarize Video API is a software interface that enables developers to access and integrate the capabilities of a video summarization.

API description

About the API:


This API allows developers to programmatically parse the content of a video and generate a summarized version of the video, in text form.

With a YouTube video summary API, developers can create custom applications that process large numbers of videos, extract key information and provide relevant summaries to end users. These applications can be used in a variety of contexts, such as news and media, education and marketing. Some video summarization APIs use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to generate summaries, while others use proprietary algorithms and methods to parse and summarize video content. Some also offer features such as customizable summary styles and output formats, multiple language support, and flexible pricing options.

Overall, a YouTube video summarization API provides a powerful and flexible tool for developers and businesses looking to automate and streamline the process of summarizing video content.


What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

It will receive a parameter and provide you with a JSON.. 


What are the most common uses cases of this API?

  1. News and Media: Summarize large numbers of video news reports to quickly identify key stories and trends, and extract relevant information for publication or analysis.

  2. Education: Summarize long video lectures or presentations to make it easier for students to review and understand the content, and to quickly identify the most important topics covered in a class.

  3. Marketing: Summarize customer testimonials, product demonstrations, or other marketing videos to extract key points and insights that can be used to create compelling marketing materials.

  4. Video Management: Summarize large video archives to make it easier to search, index, and extract relevant information for use in other applications or systems.

  5. Research and Analysis: Summarize video data to extract key information and insights, such as customer opinions, market trends, or product preferences, that can be used to inform decision-making and drive business strategy.


Are there any limitations to your plans?

Limit of predefined videos in the free plan.

API Documentation


To use this endpoint all you have to do is insert the url of the video you want to summarize, it will return the summary, name of the title and author.

GET https://zylalabs.com/api/1196/quickly+summarize+video+api/1039/get+summarize


                                                                                                            {"summary":"# What is an API and how does it work? (In plain English)\n\n\n\n### What is an API?\n- An API (Application Programming Interface) is a means of communication and ruleset to allow two systems to talk to each other. \n- This can be seen as a similar process to applying for a passport, in which you have to adhere to an established protocol. \n- Your app will be able to communicate and interact with different systems through their respective API's. \n\n### How Does an API Work?\n- When communication is initiated from your app, you have to submit appropriate inputs and an API key to the API's endpoint. \n- Each endpoint will have its own specified protocol for what inputs are required and the resulting outcome. \n- If the correct inputs are not given, the request will be rejected. \n- Once the request is successful, a result is passed back from the API in a data format, such as JSON. \n\n### Example API\n- News API is an example of an API, which provides access to headlines and news articles from a variety of sources. \n- The API call can be entered into a web browser with the appropriate parameters, along with the API key, to get the desired results. \n- The result is then in a data format that can be processed and the information can be used within the app.\n\n\n### What is an SDK?\n- SDK stands for software development kit. \n- It is a collection of tools that includes easy-to-use libraries and snippets of code, making it simpler to work with an API in a particular language or framework. \n- There are thousands of APIs available and these can be found through API directories like [Programmable Web](https://www.programmableweb.com/).","videoTitle":"What is an API and how does it work? (In plain English)","videoAuthor":"CodeWithChris","videoId":"Yzx7ihtCGBs"}

Get Summarize - Endpoint Features
Object Description
videoURL [Required]

API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every developer is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the Quickly Summarize Video API REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

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