World Countries Data API

World Countries Data API

The World Countries Data API provides extensive country details, supporting travel applications, market research, economic analysis, and demographic understanding.

About the API:  

The World Countries Data API is a robust and comprehensive resource that provides a wealth of information on countries around the world. Its seamless integration and user-friendly interface allows users to effortlessly access various country-related data, making it indispensable in a variety of applications.

Delving into geography, population statistics, capital cities, calling codes and other data for virtually every country, this API meets a variety of needs, whether it's creating travel applications, conducting market analysis or enriching data analysis tasks. Its strength lies in its adaptability, as it has a wide range of endpoints for retrieving accurate data or complete country profiles.

In summary, the World Countries Data API presents itself as a powerful and flexible tool for accessing comprehensive country information. Its broad data set, customizable endpoints, and ease of integration make it indispensable for users, developers, businesses, enterprises, researchers, and global organizations alike. Whether refining travel applications, conducting market research or unraveling global demographics, this API provides users with the data needed to make informed decisions and create compelling data-driven solutions.


What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

It will receive parameters and provide you with a JSON.


What are the most common uses cases of this API?

  1. Travel planning applications: Integrate country data to provide users with information about their destination, including currency, capital city.

  2. E-commerce localization: Customize product offerings and pricing based on country currency data, creating a tailored shopping experience.

  3. Financial services: Use economic data to evaluate investment opportunities, track exchange rates and analyze economic trends across countries.

  4. Demographic analysis: Research and analyze demographics and population growth for market segmentation and strategic planning.

  5. Geographic mapping: Create interactive maps with geographic data, national borders and capital cities for educational and travel applications.

Are there any limitations to your plans?

Besides the number of API calls, there is no other limitation.

API Documentation


To use this endpoint just run it and you will get the name of all the continents.


Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            [{"Id": 1, "Name": "Asia"}, {"Id": 2, "Name": "Africa"}, {"Id": 3, "Name": "Oceania"}, {"Id": 4, "Name": "Europe"}, {"Id": 5, "Name": "North America"}, {"Id": 6, "Name": "South America"}, {"Id": 7, "Name": "Antarctica"}]

Continents - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request GET '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


To use this endpoint you must indicate the name of a continent.


Countries by continent - Endpoint Features
Object Description
continent [Required]
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            [{"Id": 1, "Name": "Afghanistan", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["AF", "AFG (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan", "CapitalCity": "Kabul", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations", "Collective Security Treaty Organization", "Organisation of Islamic Cooperation"], "Population": "32\u00a0225\u00a0560 (2019)", "TotalArea": "652\u00a0230 km2", "HighestPoint": "Noshaq (7\u00a0492\u00a0m, 24\u00a0580\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Amu Darya (258\u00a0m, 846\u00a0ft)", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 521 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Afghan afghani (\u060b, AFN)", "CallingCode": ["+93"], "InternetTld": ".af"}, {"Id": 12, "Name": "Armenia", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["AM", "ARM (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Republic of Armenia", "CapitalCity": "Yerevan", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations", "Collective Security Treaty Organization", "Commonwealth of Independent States", "Eurasian Economic Union"], "Population": "2\u00a0957\u00a0500 (2019)", "TotalArea": "29\u00a0743 km2", "HighestPoint": "Mount Aragats (4\u00a0090\u00a0m, 13\u00a0419\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Debed (400\u00a0m, 1\u00a0312\u00a0ft)", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 4\u00a0212 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Armenian dram (\u058f, AMD)", "CallingCode": ["+374"], "InternetTld": ".am"}, {"Id": 16, "Name": "Azerbaijan", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["AZ", "AZE (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Republic of Azerbaijan", "CapitalCity": "Baku", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations", "Commonwealth of Independent States", "Turkic Council", "Organisation of Islamic Cooperation"], "Population": "10\u00a0067\u00a0108 (2020)", "TotalArea": "86\u00a0600 km2", "HighestPoint": "Mount Bazard\u00fcz\u00fc (4\u00a0485\u00a0m, 14\u00a0715\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Caspian Sea (-28\u00a0m, -92\u00a0ft)", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 4\u00a0721 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Azerbaijani manat (\u20bc, AZN)", "CallingCode": ["+994"], "InternetTld": ".az"}, {"Id": 18, "Name": "Bahrain", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["BH", "BHR (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Kingdom of Bahrain", "CapitalCity": "Manama", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations", "Gulf Cooperation Council", "Arab League", "Organisation of Islamic Cooperation"], "Population": "1\u00a0543\u00a0300 (2019)", "TotalArea": "778 km2", "HighestPoint": "Mountain of Smoke (122\u00a0m, 400\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Persian Gulf", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 24\u00a0051 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Bahraini dinar (.\u062f.\u0628, BHD)", "CallingCode": ["+973"], "InternetTld": ".bh"}, {"Id": 19, "Name": "Bangladesh", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["BD", "BGD (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "People's Republic of Bangladesh", "CapitalCity": "Dhaka", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations", "Commonwealth of Nations", "Organisation of Islamic Cooperation"], "Population": "168\u00a0163\u00a0758 (2020)", "TotalArea": "147\u00a0570 km2", "HighestPoint": "Saka Haphong (1\u00a0052\u00a0m, 3\u00a0451\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Bay of Bengal", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 1\u00a0698 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Bangladeshi taka (\u09f3, BDT)", "CallingCode": ["+880"], "InternetTld": ".bd"}, {"Id": 26, "Name": "Bhutan", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["BT", "BTN (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Kingdom of Bhutan", "CapitalCity": "Thimphu", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations"], "Population": "741\u00a0672 (2019)", "TotalArea": "38\u00a0394 km2", "HighestPoint": "Gangkhar Puensum (7\u00a0570\u00a0m, 24\u00a0836\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Drangme Chhu (97\u00a0m, 318\u00a0ft)", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 3\u00a0243 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Bhutanese ngultrum (Nu., BTN)", "CallingCode": ["+975"], "InternetTld": ".bt"}, {"Id": 33, "Name": "Brunei", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["BN", "BRN (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Nation of Brunei, Abode of Peace", "CapitalCity": "Bandar Seri Begawan", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations", "Commonwealth of Nations", "Association of Southeast Asian Nations", "Organisation of Islamic Cooperation"], "Population": "442\u00a0400 (2018)", "TotalArea": "5\u00a0765 km2", "HighestPoint": "Bukit Pagon (1\u00a0850\u00a0m, 6\u00a0070\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "South China Sea", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 31\u00a0628 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Brunei dollar ($, BND)", "CallingCode": ["+673"], "InternetTld": ".bn"}, {"Id": 37, "Name": "Cambodia", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["KH", "KHM (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Kingdom of Cambodia", "CapitalCity": "Phnom Penh", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations", "Association of Southeast Asian Nations"], "Population": "15\u00a0288\u00a0489 (2019)", "TotalArea": "181\u00a0035 km2", "HighestPoint": "Phnom Aural (1\u00a0810\u00a0m, 5\u00a0938\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Gulf of Thailand", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 1\u00a0510 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Cambodian riel (\u17db, KHR)", "CallingCode": ["+855"], "InternetTld": ".kh"}, {"Id": 46, "Name": "China", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["CN", "CHN (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "People's Republic of China", "CapitalCity": "Beijing", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations"], "Population": "1\u00a0401\u00a0492\u00a0920 (2020)", "TotalArea": "9\u00a0596\u00a0960 km2", "HighestPoint": "Mount Everest (8\u00a0848\u00a0m, 29\u00a0029\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Ayding Lake (-154\u00a0m, -505\u00a0ft)", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 9\u00a0771 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Chinese yuan (\u00a5, CNY)", "CallingCode": ["+86"], "InternetTld": ".cn, .\u4e2d\u56fd, .\u4e2d\u570b, .\u516c\u53f8, .\u7f51\u7edc"}, {"Id": 66, "Name": "Egypt", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["EG", "EGY (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Arab Republic of Egypt", "CapitalCity": "Cairo", "Continent": "Africa, Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations", "African Union", "Arab League", "Organisation of Islamic Cooperation"], "Population": "100\u00a0052\u00a0943 (2020)", "TotalArea": "1\u00a0002\u00a0450 km2", "HighestPoint": "Mount Catherine (2\u00a0629\u00a0m, 8\u00a0625\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Qattara Depression (-133\u00a0m, -436\u00a0ft)", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 2\u00a0549 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Egyptian pound (E\u00a3, EGP)", "CallingCode": ["+20"], "InternetTld": ".eg, .\u0645\u0635\u0631"}, {"Id": 84, "Name": "Georgia", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["GE", "GEO (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Georgia", "CapitalCity": "Tbilisi", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations"], "Population": "3\u00a0723\u00a0464 (2019)", "TotalArea": "69\u00a0700 km2", "HighestPoint": "Shkhara (5\u00a0201\u00a0m, 17\u00a0064\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Black Sea", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 4\u00a0717 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Georgian lari (\u20be, GEL)", "CallingCode": ["+995"], "InternetTld": ".ge"}, {"Id": 101, "Name": "Hong Kong", "Flag": "", "Independent": "No", "CountryCodes": ["HK", "HKG (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China", "CapitalCity": "City of Victoria", "Continent": "Asia", "Population": "7\u00a0500\u00a0700 (2019)", "TotalArea": "1\u00a0104 km2", "HighestPoint": "Tai Mo Shan (958\u00a0m, 3\u00a0143\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "South China Sea", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 48\u00a0717 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Hong Kong dollar ($, HKD)", "CallingCode": ["+852"], "InternetTld": ".hk, .\u9999\u6e2f"}, {"Id": 104, "Name": "India", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["IN", "IND (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Republic of India", "CapitalCity": "New Delhi", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations", "Commonwealth of Nations"], "Population": "1\u00a0359\u00a0072\u00a0550 (2020)", "TotalArea": "3\u00a0287\u00a0260 km2", "HighestPoint": "Kangchenjunga (8\u00a0586\u00a0m, 28\u00a0169\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Kuttanad (-2\u00a0m, -7\u00a0ft)", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 2\u00a0010 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Indian rupee (\u20b9, INR)", "CallingCode": ["+91"], "InternetTld": ".in"}, {"Id": 105, "Name": "Indonesia", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["ID", "IDN (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Republic of Indonesia", "CapitalCity": "Jakarta", "Continent": "Asia, Oceania", "MemberOf": ["United Nations", "Association of Southeast Asian Nations", "Organisation of Islamic Cooperation"], "Population": "266\u00a0911\u00a0900 (2019)", "TotalArea": "1\u00a0910\u00a0930 km2", "HighestPoint": "Puncak Jaya (4\u00a0884\u00a0m, 16\u00a0024\u00a0ft)", "LowestPoint": "Indian Ocean, South Pacific Ocean", "GdpPerCapita": "$ 3\u00a0894 (World Bank, 2018)", "Currency": "Indonesian rupiah (Rp, IDR)", "CallingCode": ["+62"], "InternetTld": ".id"}, {"Id": 106, "Name": "Iran", "Flag": "", "Independent": "Yes", "CountryCodes": ["IR", "IRN (ISO 3166-1)"], "OfficialName": "Islamic Republic of Iran", "CapitalCity": "Tehran", "Continent": "Asia", "MemberOf": ["United Nations", "Organisation of Islamic Cooperation", "OPEC"], "Population": "83\u00a0230\u00a0120 (2020)", "Tota...

Countries by continent - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request GET '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


To use this endpoint you must indicate the name of a country in the parameter.


Country data by Name - Endpoint Features
Object Description
name [Required]
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            [{"Id": 68, "Name": "England", "Flag": "", "Independent": "No", "CountryCodes": ["GB-ENG (ISO 3166-2:GB)"], "OfficialName": "England", "CapitalCity": "London", "Population": "55\u00a0977\u00a0178 (2018)", "TotalArea": "130\u00a0279 km2", "Currency": "British pound (\u00a3, GBP)", "CallingCode": ["+44"], "InternetTld": ".uk"}]

Country data by Name - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request GET '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every developer is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the World Countries Data API REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

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To use this API the user must indicate the name of a country or continent.

There are different plans suits everyone including a free trial for small amount of requests, but it’s rate is limit to prevent abuse of the service.

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The World Countries Data API is a service that provides detailed information on countries around the world, including demographic and economic data.

A World Countries Data API is essential for accessing detailed and up-to-date information about countries around the world quickly and efficiently.

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