The Codery API crawls a webpage and gets all structured data from it.

API description

What is Codery?

The Codery API crawls a website and extracts all of its structured data. You only need to provide the URL and the API will take care of the rest. Using Codery, with a single request, the large-scale search engine crawls pages. To manage all types of websites, use a real browser to scrape and handle all of the javascript that runs on the page. As well, this API has millions of reliable proxies available to acquire information required without fear of being blocked.

Developers may use the API to extract the data they desire, either as a file to keep or to feed the information into various applications after they understand how it works.

Doing web scraping with Codery is essential for extracting data from a web page. It is a method of getting structured online data in an automated fashion. Web scraping may be used for a variety of purposes, including price monitoring, price intelligence, news monitoring, lead creation, and market research.

Also, Web data scraping is often used in the world of e-commerce to track competitor prices. It’s the only way for brands to compare the prices of their rivals’ goods and services, allowing them to fine-tune their own pricing strategy and stay ahead of the competition. Producers also use it to ensure merchants respect price standards for their products.




Returns the html code of a url.


API Features

Object Description
url [Required]

API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every user is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the Codery REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

Simple Transparent Pricing

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Free 10 Requests / Monthly $0.00 / Monthly
Basic 20 Requests / Monthly $24.99 / Monthly
Pro 50 Requests / Monthly $49.99 / Monthly
ProPlus 100 Requests / Monthly $99.99 / Monthly

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