Hand Recognition API

Hand Recognition API

Our Hand Recognition API accurately detects and tracks hands in images, providing detailed information including coordinate frames and 21 bone node coordinates. Ideal for use in virtual and augmented reality, human-computer interaction, and gesture recognition.

API description

About the API:

Our Hand Recognition API is a powerful tool for detecting and tracking hands in images. The API is designed to work with input images that are decodable and have appropriate aspect ratios. The API processes the image and outputs detailed information about the hands that it detects.

The output includes the coordinate frame of each hand, which provides the location and orientation of the hand in the image. Additionally, the API outputs 21 bone node coordinate information for each hand. This detailed information can be used for a variety of applications such as virtual and augmented reality, human-computer interaction, and gesture recognition.

The API uses cutting-edge computer vision algorithms to analyze the image and detect hands with high accuracy. It is able to handle a wide range of lighting conditions, hand poses, and backgrounds, making it a versatile tool for any application that requires hand recognition.

The API can be easily integrated into your existing system, whether it's a mobile app, a website, or a standalone application. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, making it accessible to developers of all skill levels.

Overall, Our Hand Recognition API is a powerful and versatile tool for detecting and tracking hands in images. With its detailed output and easy-to-use interface, it is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications that require hand recognition.


What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

Pass the image URL of your choice and retrieve the information recognized by the hand in the picture. 


What are the most common uses cases of this API?

  1. Virtual and Augmented Reality: Use the API to track and interpret hand gestures, allowing for more natural and intuitive interaction with virtual environments.

  2. Human-computer interaction: Use the API to enable hand gestures as input for controlling devices and applications, providing an alternative to traditional input methods such as mouse and keyboard.

  3. Sign Language Recognition: Use the API to detect and interpret hand gestures in sign language, making communication more accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing.

  4. Gaming: Use the API to track hand movements and interpret them as in-game actions, allowing for more immersive and interactive gameplay.

  5. Robotics: Use the API to interpret hand gestures as commands for controlling robotic systems, allowing for more natural and intuitive human-robot interaction.

  6. Medical research: Use the API to track and analyze hand movements in patients with conditions that affect motor skills, such as Parkinson's disease, to study and understand the progression of the disease.


Are there any limitations to your plans?

Besides API call limitations per month, there are no other limitations.

API Documentation


Pass the Image URL of the hand from where you want to extract the information and coordinates. 

POST https://zylalabs.com/api/1102/hand+recognition+api/960/hand+recognition

Hand Recognition - Endpoint Features
Object Description
imageUrl [Required]
Test Endpoint


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            {"code":216100,"data":"","message":"invalid param"}

Hand Recognition - CODE SNIPPETS

curl --location --request POST 'https://zylalabs.com/api/1102/hand+recognition+api/960/hand+recognition?imageUrl=https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/577065f4e06b550b0c190c5c/583bb3ca5b8693a10835b1f3_Sophie%27s%20hand_BEN7244.jpg' --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' 


API Access Key & Authentication

After signing up, every developer is assigned a personal API access key, a unique combination of letters and digits provided to access to our API endpoint. To authenticate with the Hand Recognition API REST API, simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header.


Header Description
Authorization [Required] Should be Bearer access_key. See "Your API Access Key" above when you are subscribed.

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