Refund Policy

Effective as of December 22, 2022

Refunds are valid within 2-hours after the time of purchase and only apply to the first payment ZYLA receives, as long as API Consumer hasn’t made more API Calls than those offered in the free plan. If for any reason the payment for the subscription is doubled, only requests for a refund of the doubled payment will be accepted within 72 hours after the payment is confirmed. Refund requests for duplicate payments made in months earlier than the current month won't be accepted. If API Consumer cancels its paid subscription on the website and, for any reason, the subscription cannot be canceled automatically in its Stripe account, claims will only be accepted within 72 hours of the cancellation made on the website. After this period, claims for refunds will not be accepted. To request a refund, API Consumer can send an email to us at hello[@] with its purchase information and explain why. The ZYLA Customer Service team will analyze its claim and return a response. In the event that the refund request is accepted, a credit will be issued back to the API Consumer credit card used to purchase the software.